Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Spring Blues

Today I got into the dirt. The ground was still wet and mushy in spots but I just couldn't help myself. I dug out the hand rake and weeder and worked on cleaning out the front garden. Weeds begone! Ground be cultivated!

Peaking through the moist soil? Tulips! Yes folks. My tulips are coming and my daffodils are fast on their trail. This is my favourite time of year. Well, not true, it's so damn muddy I have to bathe the dog everytime she comes in from taking a leak but the new life thing is kind of cool. Makes me happy.

Hopefully this year I won't have any torn ligaments or broken back to interfere with my gardening. My back still isn't 100 percent and I was sure feeling it after only a little bit of work but it felt good. Tomorrow, I'm going to attack the circular garden in back.

There was one casualty over winter. My ceramic toad from the dollar store disintergrated. I don't mean it's a little weather worn either. I happened to spot it today. It's a bunch of bits. Sad really. I had quite an affection for it. I'm hoping they'll have more.

On a sadder note, I think Rosie is mad at me. I mentioned her blog in an article and when I went back today I see she removed her contact and comments options. Bad me. I feel bad and sad. I only mentioned it out of admiration...