Friday, March 25, 2005


Beautiful sunny day today. It's been a pretty casual day. Jeff is home for Easter break. We each did our own thing this morning. He played with the radio and I continued reading Can You Keep a Secret (reviewing for LinearReflections). It was hard to put it down when Jeff talked about going for a drive and walk but I did.

We took a toodle around the countryside. Everything looks dead but it was still a nice nature drive. Saw lots of cows, horses, atv drivers. The best part was when we stopped at Maple Dale Cheese. We'd never been. Busssyyy. Inside they had a whole bunch of samples set up. Pimento and olive chedder, garlic chedder, smoked chedder, dill and garlic chedder. We tried them all and all were amazingly good. Since we are on a budget we only bought the garlic chedder. They also had scoop icecream. Jeff chose orange-pineapple and I chose Maple-walnut. Mmmmgood. We parked along the river and walked down to and back from the bay. I'm tired. My legs still hurt from my 2.5 hr jaunt with Pat the other day. Should sleep good tonight. Leftovers for supper.

Aren't you glad you stopped by? I'm off to work on the Book-in-a-week site for a bit.