Thursday, April 07, 2005

Interesting Observation

I've been in Ottawa for a few days. Jeff is on conference and Suz and I tagged along. Can you say "IKEA!"?I finished my Evanovich book, To the Nines. Lots of walking. The parliament building were awesome. It was overcast so the building detailing really stood out.

Last night, on our way back we decided to eat at this corner restaurant in the market called Mother Tuckers. We handn't heard of it before but read the outside menu and it looked promising. We were greeted by two petite femmes, one of which asked us if we'd been there before then she showed us the layout. It's a buffet. It costs 15.99 each. Salads, soups, hot stuff, dessert.

Now you're probably wondering about the interesting observation I mentioned in the title. While I was doing my usual people watching, I suddenly became aware of all the overweight people eating buffet (Notice I said overweight, not obese. There's a difference). People at the tables, being seated, coming in the door; majority were overweight. The more I noticed, the more self conscious I suddenly became of my own weight. There was an older women at the table next to us who seemed to be watching me (yes she was overweight but she was looking at me like she wasn't. Two not so lovely words kept coming to mind; Colin Farrell using them a lot). I don't remember ever having this type of experience before. This insecurity while eating out. I think I've reached a new level and I don't particularly like it.

For the skinny person who may happen across this blog and think "well maybe you'll stop pigging out at the buffet" I have this to say: I didn't get fat at a buffet table so back off!

There were a few skinny people there holding their own with numerous trips to the tables, like I mentioned above most were with chubby friends.

I just thought it was an interesting observation, both in the sense of the amout of overweight people and the emotional discomfort I experienced. It didn't stop me from enjoying my mashed potatoes and gravy. I'm Irish, give me a break.

If you ever happen across a Mother Tuckers, we recommend it.