Monday, April 18, 2005

Where does the time go?

Been busy with new forum at Beautiful Magazine. Can hardly wait until the magazine comes out. I realize it won't be a Mode but I hope it worries more about the content and readers than the advertisers.

Gardening is well under way. I had to take a few days off cause I over did it but it and me are coming along. The ideas are flowing and so is the nose. I think I have springtime allergies. Don't care really. Nothing could keep me from the garden. Well...maybe an awfully big spider. No, no maybes about it. An awfully big spider would have me in the house, doors bolted, windows caulked and on the phone to the nearest exterminator. I know, some environmentalist I turned out to be.

I'm pretty good though. I recycle, I sort of compost, I don't use harsh chemicals on the yard, I don't litter (I hate litterers). I could do more. Couldn't we all?

New review up at L & L. Real Women Have Curves. If you get a chance read the review and if you have more time, rent the movie.

I'm off to clean out a small bed at the side of the house. Wish me luck that I don't run into any awfully big spiders.
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