Tuesday, May 31, 2005

It's almost over

May will be over in a few hours. June. So... damn, there's a frigging mosquito bombing me. It's literally circling me. Fast little bugger. Anyway, as I was saying. It will be June in a few hours. So many garden plans, so little time. Bought the impatiens for the front garden tonight. Will plant them tomorrow afternoon after my lunch date with Angela.

We'll be hitting a nursery out on the highway, surprise, surprise then go for lunch at Kelsey's. I've a hunkering for their ceasar salad and feta bruchetta bread. Yum. I lead such a boring life I know but hey. A life is a life.


Mickey Mitchell had two thumbs
One green and the other a blue one.
Poor Mickey didn't know what to do
so he stuck one up his nose and the
other up his ?

Sad isn't it.