Monday, May 23, 2005

One of the Many Reasons I love My Husband

Today, while we were lazing in the living room, a commotion outside caught our attention. We could hear blue jays screeching and see branching outside our dining room window waving furiously. We both ran out side to see four blue jay babies the size of palm drip to the ground. A large raven was in the upper part of the tree being dive bombed by blue jays, robins, and starlings. It was quite a sight to see the birds working together.

Moving quickly, my husband grabbed a recycling box and I grabbed a pair of gardening gloves. I spent the next 5 minutes scooping up babies and putting them in the box while Jeff climbed the tree to see if the nest was intact. It wasn't. He then worked quickly to build a wooden teepee to stuff the remaining nest parts and the babies in. The whole time the parents kept a watchful eye on their babies and us.

When the teepee was firmly attached to the tree (cedar in case anyone is wondering) we sat in our lawn chairs below waiting to make sure the parents would approach the make shift nest. They did.

Not many men would go to the effort my husband did for nature. It's just one of the many reasons I love him.