Monday, August 22, 2005

I can see clearly now...

Ok maybe not. We decided we couldn't afford the windows this year.

I finished the afghan for my friend Nai. I hope she likes it. I picked up a ball of this rainbow silky knit. It's too expensive to buy more than that at $8 a ball. I wish I could afford to make a huge blanket out of it. It's so fine. I'm hoping it will be enough for a scarf. After that it's a test pattern for a goddess scarf. I also picked a multi-coloured yarn for it although it's not silky.

I'm having second thoughts about a blog. Not really sure why I started one in the first place. I guess to get myself writing a little bit more but most of it seems useless.

It's a downer week. Someone inspire me!

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Still Here

We refinanced the mortgage this week. Talk about stressfull, headaches to go around. Finally got everything straightened and approved and we decided to look at window replacements. I had no idea it could be so expensive. It's a good thing Jeff is good with numbers and shopping around. We do the good cop bad cop routine quite naturally. Of course I'm the bad cop... er bitch depending on who's perspective.

I'm exhausted from listening to people talk. Is that possible?

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Restless Legs

I have restless legs syndrome. My husband says I just have ants in my pants. Neither holds any excitement for me.

I cleaned out the spare room today. I came across some old magazines from the 80s. Apparently, I had a crush on Madonna. I had at least 20 magazines which featured her on the cover. I don't remember buying them or fawning over them. Don't get me wrong, I still like Madonna. I just can't see me buying a magazine because she was on the cover. I did however stand in front of the mag stand and look through the latest VOGUE so I could see pictures of her and her hot husband Guy Ritchie (he has a beard!). Other magazines I found. Elvis and Marilyn Monroe. I was a strange kid. I also found the premiere issue of GRACE magazine (a now defunct plus mag).

So back to the cleaning part. I've cleaned this space of dust and organized it so I have some horizontal space to sort photos that are in desperate need of a home. They've been waiting for me to put them in albums for years. I write this here to hold me to the task. Creative Memories is going to love me.

My restless legs and I are off to bed.

Saturday, August 06, 2005

Veronica Mars

I love this show. I'm sure it's probably designed for the under 25 crowd but I'm young at heart. Veronica makes me smile. She's so cut and cunning like a fox in the wild. Don't mess with her unless you want to lose the rights to your first child.

Last night Logan Echolls parents were going at it with him literally in the middle. His father then started threatening his mother, swearing he'd never divorce her, she'd never get a cent etc. He was being viscious. All of a sudden Logan turns to him and says something along the lines of "Say another word to her and I'll kill you." Yikes. I nearly wet myself. I believed him. My husband who dosen't watch the show but happened to be standing there at the time believed him too.

If you get the chance check the show out. I love a good mystery. If you don't know what it's about VM father is a private detective after being ousted from the Sherrif's department. She works in his office as his receptionist/assistant. On the side she's working on a few cases of her own but her biggest case is who killed her best friend last year. Every week another minor case pops up that usually uncovers some small clue to her main goal in life.

I guess you could call it the OC with attitude but you don't have everyone running around switching beds with one another. No, it's definitely better than the OC.

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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

DaVinci Code

I finished the DaVinci Code by Dan Brown last night. Stayed up until 3am to get it done. Was it the best thing I ever read? No. Was it shocking? No. Was it entertaining? Yes. Would I recommend it for its entertainment value? Yes.

What's the DaVinci Code about (the shortened version): an old guy who works in a museum is killed. He leaves a message written on the floor in special ink so his grand daughter a cryptologist and an author of a book on Mary Magadelene will get called to the seen. They form a bond and begin answering clues the old guy left behind for them all while they are running from the police, the church and an albino monk with attitude. Where do the clues lead? The Holy Grail? X marks the spot? Buried treasure? The answer to life, love and destiny? Maybe. That's part of the mystery. But remember it's fiction and not meant to be taken as gospel.

Drop your thoughts.

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Monday, August 01, 2005

Home Sweet Home - take deux

i'm home
i was happy
husband asked me to empty
kitty litter
things back to normal
much too quickly
it's good to be
more another day