Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Restless Legs

I have restless legs syndrome. My husband says I just have ants in my pants. Neither holds any excitement for me.

I cleaned out the spare room today. I came across some old magazines from the 80s. Apparently, I had a crush on Madonna. I had at least 20 magazines which featured her on the cover. I don't remember buying them or fawning over them. Don't get me wrong, I still like Madonna. I just can't see me buying a magazine because she was on the cover. I did however stand in front of the mag stand and look through the latest VOGUE so I could see pictures of her and her hot husband Guy Ritchie (he has a beard!). Other magazines I found. Elvis and Marilyn Monroe. I was a strange kid. I also found the premiere issue of GRACE magazine (a now defunct plus mag).

So back to the cleaning part. I've cleaned this space of dust and organized it so I have some horizontal space to sort photos that are in desperate need of a home. They've been waiting for me to put them in albums for years. I write this here to hold me to the task. Creative Memories is going to love me.

My restless legs and I are off to bed.


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