Sunday, February 19, 2006


Oh! the sweet sound of words unspoken.
He does not say what she sees but does what he does not say.
No woman could fathom his sweet eloquence.
But love does look upon those loved with rose coloured eyes.

Oh! the sweet sound of words unspoken.
She does not see what he would say would he see her mind.
No man could alter her perceptive conception.
But affection does look on those in friendship's grace welcomed.

Travesty to all who choose to read between the lines
Instead of words spoken.

Friday, February 03, 2006

Just Because I Have To

It's a damp earthy day here. I'm sensing that time of the month coming on. It's not just the mild cramping, headache and all around flat affect... I ripped a shred off the darling love of my life the other day because he asked be to do something and I'm the one still brooding about it. I actually said I felt like slitting my wrists. Hmm... Issues much? I'm feeling mildly better today but I could still do some damage if provoked (no I don't mean to myself).

I watched CSI last night and the highlight was this scene about an internet video blog called RocketBoom. I happened to have been multitasking at the time and typed in the url they used half expecting it to be something else. Sure enough there was a video blog with the same woman, Amanda Congdon. The site produces five minute vlogs M-F about whatever, usually involving some stupidity, humour or kirk. I loved it! Amanda rocks.

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