Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Cranky Puss

I feel angrier than usual these days. I feel like I can't communicate the simplest of things to the people who should know me the best. It's like no body knows me. I wish someone could develop a direct link up to our brains so when these things arise we can just plug the other person into our head so they can get our meaning and not the meaning they think we mean. :)

I think the biggest problem is listening. We tend to form our opinions while the other person is talking rather than actually listening, we've decided what they are saying long before they are done. Why do we do that? Even worse... emails and articles. So much is read into the use of certain words, phrases etc. Someone around the globe may misinterpret the simplest of meanings. Communication is a great thing but it's very touchy and subjective.

My head hurts.