Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Cancer/Heart Disease and Weight?

Everywhere I see/hear how Obesity is killing everyone with cancer and heart disease. Yet all my skinny friends seem to be the ones dying or losing pieces of themselves.

I lost a friend 8 years ago. A very good friend. Jeff and I had just driven to Quebec to spend a weekend with her and then beau on their farm. She was an active woman all the time I knew her. She was a slim petite woman with a huge laugh and bright eyes. She taught me a lot. A week after we visited we received a call from her beau saying she had a massive heart attack and died. She was 42.

My mother-in-law has battled breast cancer. She has watched her weight all her life. She's very controlled meal wise (and otherwise). I've never seen her overeat once.

I visited another friend last week who was recently operated on for colon cancer. She's currently going through chemo treatments, has no hair, no appetite but great looking skin. When asked about prognosis she says it's called "I'm not dead yet!" Here, another person that has no incidence of weight issues. She does however have a skyrocketing blood pressure.

There's more and more people I've met who have no apparent weight issues but have other increasing health problems. Being overweight and obese doesn't cause diseases.

Read Big Fat Facts.

IT Has Started

By "IT" I mean the warm weather blues. Yes, I have warm weather blues to balance my cold weather blues (who would I be if I didn't complain about the weather). It is hot! It is humid! I'd say it's African hot like Ferris but I've never been to Africa. The heat wouldn't be so bad if the humidity didn't go up with it. It's creating smog which makes it hard to breath and you can't move without producing butt sweat... correction, breathing produces butt sweat it's so damn hot.

On to warm weather complaint number two. Mosquitoes! Freeak! I tried to dig up some plants for a friend of mine who moved into a new home with a vacant backyard and what do I get? A face full of mosquitoes. They were literally driving me psycho. Had someone been in the yard I probably would have hit them in the head with the shovel I was waving around. I gave up after a few plants. And promised her if we had a cool spell that killed off the mosquitoes (like it'd be that easy) then I'd get her some more.

So here I am trapped in my house, blogging/complaining to whoever will listen because my immediate family and friends are sick of listening to me. Oh what a world, what a world.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Forest for the Trees

This is our favourite garden at the moment. I don't even know if you can call it a garden. We bought this Birch tree last year for like 60% off. We hoped it would survive the winter and as you can see it did. We can see it from every window out the back of our house. We love this tree and think it is so beautiful. We love the tulips under the tree, freshly planted in the fall by moi. We even love the cocoa mulch. We don't love the white fence but it keeps the 70lb dog from running over the tulips when she's chasing bird shadows. This picture really doesn't do the beauty of this tree and it's tulips justice but please use your imagination and trust me, they are perfect.