Wednesday, May 31, 2006

IT Has Started

By "IT" I mean the warm weather blues. Yes, I have warm weather blues to balance my cold weather blues (who would I be if I didn't complain about the weather). It is hot! It is humid! I'd say it's African hot like Ferris but I've never been to Africa. The heat wouldn't be so bad if the humidity didn't go up with it. It's creating smog which makes it hard to breath and you can't move without producing butt sweat... correction, breathing produces butt sweat it's so damn hot.

On to warm weather complaint number two. Mosquitoes! Freeak! I tried to dig up some plants for a friend of mine who moved into a new home with a vacant backyard and what do I get? A face full of mosquitoes. They were literally driving me psycho. Had someone been in the yard I probably would have hit them in the head with the shovel I was waving around. I gave up after a few plants. And promised her if we had a cool spell that killed off the mosquitoes (like it'd be that easy) then I'd get her some more.

So here I am trapped in my house, blogging/complaining to whoever will listen because my immediate family and friends are sick of listening to me. Oh what a world, what a world.