Saturday, June 17, 2006

IKEA or bust!

I hate shopping. But for some reason I can spend a whole day in IKEA. We drove to Ottawa today to get some covers for the couch and chair we bought last year before Jeff's Aunt and Uncle come for a visit. When I'm into something I'm into it. I went into every room and probably picked up or opened at least ten things in each designed space. I only wish I could walk into my living room and feel it's as perfectly designed. We definitely live in our space.

Jeff was very patient today. He hates shopping more than I do and he was my driver. I don't do expressways, over passes, major highways etc. Once we arrived he was a cute little butterfly going into each room and checking things out. His purchases today included three glasses to replace the ones I broke and a package of small spoons to replace the ones I keep putting in the trash for no other reason than I'm out to lunch. I only throw the baby spoons out, never any of the other utensils. This is particularly funny because they are my favourite utensil. Just one of my many absent-minded-quirks.

We couldn't decide on what colour covers we wanted. The dark brown we loved when we were there a year ago but today it didn't sit well with Jeff. He thought they'd make the room look too dark. This quickly became contagious and I couldn't make a decision either. We had to take a break, go for lunch (Montanas) before we came back, finished the section we missed earlier, discussed some more, tested some more and finally picked the sand soft corduroy because it also had a hassock (footstool) cover in the same fabric.

After another 2.5 hour drive (and a brief intermission at Tim Horton's for an Ice Cap) we made it home. Pooped. Dog and cat were very happy to see us. We're looking forward to being horizontal tonight. ZZZZZ.