Friday, September 08, 2006

A Rosie View

Today marked the end of the first week Rosie O'Donnell took over Meredith Vieira's commentary on the daytime talk show The View. I was a huge fan of Rosie's talk show and was saddened when it went off the air (her choice). I've watched The View sporadically over the last ten years and Meredith was definitely their shining star. While Rosie can not fill Meredith's shoes but she will definitely add her view and that is what the show is about... different views. Rosie is something they haven't had hosting before: a lesbian, middle aged mother with power and a conscience.

I really liked the show's ethnic diversity so it's unfortunate Star Jones had to leave but it seems with her poundage went her loveability. And the whole wedding fiasco left a bad taste in many people's mouths. After visiting The View's site I thought I'd head over to Star Jones' official website to see if she had any "news" but what I found was an email grab. In other words, you can't access her site unless you enter your email address. Hello?

One of the main reasons I watched The View in the past was Meredith. Now it seems the only reason I'll watch it in the future will be Rosie (ok, and Elisabeth's smile). I may even tune in more.

Congratulations on a great week Rosie.

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