Tuesday, November 14, 2006

China Not For Dogs

I love dogs. I have a dog. I would not get another dog because I've learned I'm not the dog person I thought I was. I think rules and regulations in regard to pet ownership is important for the dog, the owner and the community but China's new law and how it is being enforced is plain inhumane.

According to Fox news (and local news), a new law in Beijing limits the number of dogs per family to one. And there is also a limit to the size of the dog (under 30 inches). This is all fine, I can understand that. Going forward forward that is. But all the people who have more than one dog have to turn them over to the police to be slaughtered.

I really think laws like this should include some grandfathering. If you already have one that's fine but once this one is gone you can't get another one. Also, if you can prove your dog is vaccinated against rabies and other diseases...

Apparently this new law is suppose to aid in reducing the spread of rabies which is running rabid in China. Killing off animals seems to be the easy solution governments turn to. What is wrong with vaccinations? Public education? Give people a few weeks to comply. It is somehow easier to kill healthy dogs.

I consider myself a responsible pet owner. I didn't just become a responsible pet owner over night. It took time, experience a lot of reading and lot of talking to other pet owners. Somehow I don't think this new law is going to cure their rabies problem.

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Anonymous said...

I would find it difficult not having my dogs around... ;-)

The fruit salad was good... I bought more fruit today and will make another one...

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