Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Guess Who?

Can you guess who this sexy dude with a magical past is?

Well, if you haven't heard. It's Harry Potter. Or his real life persona Daniel (Dan the Man) Radcliffe. Barely out of the glow of the Harry Potter series and Radcliffe is trying to shed his magical mould and the fan base, mostly kids, that made him so popular and dare I say a little rich.

Radcliffe will be the lead in the upcoming (February) play, at the West End Stage in London, titled Equus. Written by Peter Shaffer it is touted around the internet as a story about a boy who doesn't just love horses, but "loves" horses. Apparently, Radcliffe does a full frontal nude scene at some point during the show. Similar to the image below maybe? Except without the bottom cut off.

Actually, this is how they describe the plot at the theatre's official website: "Alan Strang seems a normal, obedient 17-year old with a passion for horses. Then one night he blinds six horses with a hoof pick. What drove him to it? His life seems routine, his family loving, his pursuits harmless and yet he has been placed under psychiatric surveillance - an unresponsive patient who is woken each night by terrible nightmares. Only psychiatrist Martin Dysart seems able to grasp the answer to this psychological puzzle."

What are your thoughts? Am I just being a prude. Sure I admit he looks good. But he's 17. I shouldn't be thinking how good he looks and he shouldn't be posing for pictures that make others think/feel the same way. I'm kind of disappointed he didn't take the moral high ground for at least a year or two.

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I Wanna Read... The Dead Fathers Club

Once a month I get Andrea Semple's Writing Tips newsletter. I've received this newsletter for a few years and have always enjoyed it because it's short and sweet and gives usable writing information. This month she's was touting her partner's Matt Haig's new book, The Dead Fathers Club.

It's a dark and humerus story about a young boy who can see his dead father. His father was murdered by his Uncle and is now trying to take over the boy's mother and the family business. With the help of his dead dad he plans a murder of his own. I know, this little synopsis doesn't do it justice.

I can't read it but I hope you can!

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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Current Project: Cable Scarf

I finished the red cable scarf for Jeff. He has yet to wear it. I made it specifically for Red Friday's so he'd have something else to wear to show his support for the soldiers. Here's the link to the pattern if you want to make your own.

Now I'm making a red scarf for myself. It's another basic pattern I made up. There's a little oops in it but you can't tell in the big scheme of things. I tried to darken the image so you could see the patterned X in it but the flash washes it out and no flash is blurry. Take my word for it that the patter is noticeable to the human eye.

Here it is if you want to follow along:

Cast on 30 stitches

Knit 1, Purl 1 for 8 rows.

Purl 1, Knit 1 ( 5 times). Knit to last five stitches. Purl 1, Knit 1 ( 5 times).
Knit 1, Purl 1 ( 5 times). Purl to last five stitches. Knit 1, Purl 1 ( 5 times).
Continue for 6 rows.

Here's cross pattern. After each row of pattern do a row of PKPKP purl across PKPKP.


Repeat it intermittently with the above 6 row pattern.

Continue until desired length and finish with the same 8 rows you started with.

Monday, January 29, 2007

30 Wanna Movie Hottie: 8

Doing this particular weekly entry has given me some insight into the type of men I enjoy. I use to think I was into variety but placing all of them in one spot and searching for photos has really shown me how similar my tastes in stars are. Is it me or do they all look similar? Or at least have similar traits. I've become a cliché for tall dark and handsome! Do I mind? No, not at all.

Onward and forward. This week's wanna movie hottie is James Purefoy. Recognize the name? Not surprised if you don't. He's one of Britain's best kept secrets. I've only seen this luscious man in three films but he has over 40 to his credit. Of the three, the one most memorable to me is A Knight's Tale in which he played Prince Edward / Sir Thomas Colville; a prince hiding out under an assumed name so he can participate in joust matches without his father knowing and so competitors won't throw their event. He's just a side character but memorable.

In Resident Evil, a horror series I'm quite fond of, he played Spence Parks. A very sexy bad guy love interest to the kick butt Milla Jovovich. It's unfortunate he dies. But someone does in a world of rampaging contagious zombies.

The third is the 1999 version of the Jane Austen comedy Mansfield Park. He plays drinking (as opposed to Stomping Tom. Sorry,Canadian humour) Tom Bertram. I'm going to book this to rent again this weekend. FYI: there's a new TV version coming out this year starring Billie Piper (Doctor Who). It probably won't make it overseas for a few years but if you see it, let me know.

The basics: Born in 1964 in Taunton, Somerset. He's divorced with one child. Screen tested for James Bond but never made it (what were they thinking). His last name means "good faith" or "my word or bond is in good faith," so it seems to me he'd make a perfect Bond. Currently lives in London England.

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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Screen Actor's Guild Honors Curves

I took in the Screen Actor's Guild awards tonight and was overjoyed to see curves represented on the run way and with wins.

* America Ferrera won Female Actor in a Comedy Series for Ulgy Betty.
* Chandra Wilson won Female Actor in a Drama Series for Grey's Anatomy.
* Jennifer Hudson won Female Actor in a Supporting Role for Dreamgirls.

Congratulations ladies!!!

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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Children of Men

Tonight was the night for my date with Clive Owen... oops I mean Jeff. I dragged him off to Boston Pizza for some pasta (pre-movie bribery) then off to the 4:40 viewing of Children of Men starring, if you haven't guessed, Clive Owen.

The just of the film is thus: Mopey office man (Theo) is brought into a rebel brigade by ex-girlfriend and mother of his dead child with the purpose of getting some travel papers to get a young girl out of England. It's 2027 and not a single birth has occurred in 18 years. The young girl is pregnant and they want to keep her safe. Mopey office man quickly bites off more than he can chew.

This is a dark movie, much like 28 Days Later, except without the zombies. Lots of explosions, car chases and mass murders. Michael Cain has a small role as the most "excellent" best friend. Julianne Moore plays the girlfriend but don't go to see her if you're a fan. It's a very small part. Clive Owen is actually quite natural as this character especially in the one-on-one scenes with Cain.

I have two peeves. The propagation of humanity problem is because of women's eggs. In the 1994 book of the same name by author P.D. James it was the sperm count that was affected. Hello? Women are always to blame.

Second peeve, throughout the whole movie cats, dogs and various wildlife seem attracted to Theo. They make a point of showing it so I kept thinking it would come up at the end why but it never did. Even Jeff kept expecting something more. While the story is complete in the main story sense I felt there were gaps that may have been edited out. I'm looking forward to special features when it comes out in rentals.

I'd watch it again. Even if you're not a Clive Owen fan it's worth seeing. I want to read the book now.

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Monday, January 22, 2007

Recycling Old Stuff

The new year is a time for new beginnings. While others are working on minimizing their waists I'm working on minimizing my waste or the clutter in my space.

This weekend it was an old rocking chair and the sliding closet doors in my front entrance. The chair has pretty much never been used. The doors were constantly in the way of getting jackets and shoes. It's amazing how the appearance of space has changed these two rooms.

What did we do with the stuff? Well, my friends, if you haven't heard of it yet, there's a little movement called Freecycle. It's a global organization with community lists (yahoo usually) where members can sign up to get rid of or gain some treasures. I highly recommend it. It's a good way to recycle things around your home. Someone should be using them if you're not.

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30 Wanna Movie Hottie: 7

This week's wanna movie hottie is the James Bond that never was. When the BMW serial commercials came out featuring Clive Owen as The Driver I was hooked. If I had the money I probably would have bought myself a BMW. I also thought he would have made a very good James Bond. But some things are never meant to be and that isn't always a bad thing.

Quite frankly, the BMW serials are my favourite thing he's filmed. I also enjoyed him as King Arthur and his petite role in The Bourne Identity. I'm going to see Children of Men on Thursday with great anticipation. I was worried we wouldn't get it here because of the selective showing. But we are and I'm happy. I'll let you know how it is.

The basics: Born in 1964. From England of course. Theatre of course. Are there any successful British actors who didn't have some start in theatre? He's married and has two daughters with absolutely beautiful names, Eve and Hannah.

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Friday, January 19, 2007

Treadmill Injury

It's very frustrating when you're trying to get into a regular exercise routine and you keep pulling out something. For some reason my body can not handle more than 15 minutes on the treadmill. It never fails, after I have my shower, my upper back is suddenly out. Out in the sense I can't lift my right arm and I feel a dull pain in my mid back slightly to the right that radiates when I move my neck.

Now you're probably thinking, just go the 15 minutes! Easy for you to say. I get cocky after a few weeks and think "well, I'll increase it another 10 minutes". That's what you're suppose to do after all is increase your activity level as you get better. And no, I don't want to split it to twice a day. One sweaty session is enough thank you. Besides I'm not a two-shower-a-day type of girl.

I've tried lifting weights to strengthen the area but it usually throws it out too. 15 minutes! That's it. I'm so annoyed. I knew better. Damn Eddie & the Cruisers (that's what I was watching at the time).

I've taken two ES Robxacet but they haven't kicked in yet. I have a friend coming over for a swimsuit/sarong photo shoot for an article I'm doing on how to tie a sarong for Large & Lovely (BellaOnline) so that should be interesting.

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Thursday, January 18, 2007

I Wanna Read... Tom Cruise: All the World's a Stage

As funny as it may sounds, yes, I'd love to read this book but know I never will. I use to be a relative even keel fan of Tom Cruise before I knew too much. I really do hate to know too much. Now I realize this is an oxymoron considering my previous statement but bare with me.

As I was reading a review by Lincoln Cho over at January Magazine about Iain Johnstone's new book I became more curious. As Cho say, Cruise is the "most significant star of his generation" and I agree. Of course, I'd much rather read a book that Tom was involved in but this one seems to handle it's topic from a journalistic perspective instead of a scandalous one. This is not Johnstone's first biography. He's written about Dustin Hoffman and Clint Eastwood.

So that's my wanna but won't read for this week. Hope you get a chance to check it out. Or at the very least visit Janauary Magazine.

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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Signing Life Away

It's official, I signed the contract and sent off the agreement to rent the RV this summer. This is going to be the heftiest trip Jeff and I have ever had. Probably will ever have. One of those we'll be paying it off for some time events. But it's once in a lifetime. We're both excited and have reservations.

It sounds like Jeff's parents will be coming with us. They haven't given us a definite "no" and we keep talking about "when you guys come..." etc. I think we might have guilted them into it. Should be interesting. I'm hoping at least half of the places we stop at will have some kind of internet service so I can do updates. I know you can't wait to here about me and my MIL in a 30 foot space for three weeks.

I'm going to design some goofy t-shirts for us all to wear. Maybe a picture of B.C. on the front and "B.C. or Bust!" on the back. I know, geeky but we're like that. Jeff thought it was a hilarious idea. I think it's quite smart actually. If you have any suggestions, left me know. I'm open.

30 Wanna Movie Hottie: 6

There are so many hotties out there in movie land but as every week passes I'm finding it harder and harder to commit to one hottie for the week. This week's wanna movie hottie is Viggo Mortensen. I remember visiting his personal website years ago, long before he was ever a King, which he maintained and shared his poetry. I really miss visiting his website. I can't even access the archives of it on the WayBackMachine.

One of the things I like about him besides his obvious good looks is his multi-creative interests/talents. Besides being an intense actor he's also a writer, photographer and painter. These days he's best known for his role in Lord of the Rings (one of the best movies of all time).

I first fell for him as Lucifer in The Prophecy, long after he had appeared in a number of films. Some other favourite characters of mine are Master Chief in G.I. Jane (love that moustache and those shorts), the travelling salesman in A Walk on the Moon, the silent coffin maker in The Passion of Darkly Noon, and the other man in A Perfect Murder. I liked him in Daylight too but really have a hard time watching it when he gets squashed. It really bothers me.

I grew up watching western movies (Clint Eastwood is my cowboy hero) and was so excited when he made Hidalgo; a beautifully shot movie about a rundown rodeo clown and his horse who travel to Arabia to enter a race but find another purpose. And how could it not move your heart that he bought the horse he worked with? In A History of Violence he started to look his age (49) but is still incredibly handsome.

The basics: He was born in 1958 in New York City and is of Danish decent. He is well travelled. He was educated at St. Lawrence University in New York but I don't know what he majored in, probably languages. He can speak Spanish, Danish, French, Swedish and Norwegian (I have a hard enough time with English). Not surprisingly, he is also a theatre man. He has his own publishing company (Perceval Press) where he's published his poetry and photographic novels as well as other unique writer's works. He's divorced and has one teen-aged son.

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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

I Wanna Read... MoonPies and Movie Stars

I can't believe how quickly the week flies when you actually schedule stuff to blog. It's Wednesday already. I actually have a new book this week. It was recommended to me by an internet friend who calls herself the SwankyPoet.

MoonPies and Movie Stars by Amy Wallen. Even the name sounds like a lot of fun. It's the story of Ruby Kincaid a middle aged woman with a life full of taking care of other people and other people's stuff. One day she she's her daughter in a t.v. commercial and packs up the RV and heads out to rescue her. This comes to me at a very strange time as Jeff and I are planning on renting a motorhome this summer and taking the in-laws to the west coast. Those three and me in a 30 foot motorhome for THREE WEEKS. Now there's a story... but I digress.

This story sounds hilariously funny and "I wanna read" it but I know I just won't get it it. So if you're looking for something to tickle your funny bone, check it out and let me know about it.

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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Fave Photo: Blue

I don't why but I love this photo.

_iris_58 by *lobur on deviantART

Could it be the blue?

Monday, January 01, 2007

30 Wanna Movie Hottie: 5

This is going to be a short one today. In-laws are still here and I have a few people coming over. The hottie for this week is David O'Hara.

It was love at first sight when he uttered "My Island" in Mel Gibson's Braveheart. Jeff and I still use this most common phrase, for whatever reason strange people do such things. Yes, he was the dirty and very hairy Irishman Stephen. I don't why I like what I like I just do.

It wasn't until The MatchMaker with Janeane Garofalo that I became truly smitten by his comical grin, intense eyes and sense of timing. He oozed hottie.

I'm still trying to see all the episodes of television drama The District even though his part is so small. No wonder why he went back home. It's because of this show that I think he is one of the most underused talented actors out there. One of the reasons I like him is his ability to transform his physical appearance for different characters.

Two other movies I had no interest in seeing are now on my list because I found out he was in them: Hotel Rwanda (just picked it up during boxing day sales) and Tristan and Isolde.

The basics: It is so hard to find any info on him. I had an even harder time finding a descent image. He was born in 1965 in Glasgow, Scotland (told you I like them UK men) and he has a background, not surprisingly, in theatre.

Happy New Year!

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