Wednesday, January 03, 2007

I Wanna Read... MoonPies and Movie Stars

I can't believe how quickly the week flies when you actually schedule stuff to blog. It's Wednesday already. I actually have a new book this week. It was recommended to me by an internet friend who calls herself the SwankyPoet.

MoonPies and Movie Stars by Amy Wallen. Even the name sounds like a lot of fun. It's the story of Ruby Kincaid a middle aged woman with a life full of taking care of other people and other people's stuff. One day she she's her daughter in a t.v. commercial and packs up the RV and heads out to rescue her. This comes to me at a very strange time as Jeff and I are planning on renting a motorhome this summer and taking the in-laws to the west coast. Those three and me in a 30 foot motorhome for THREE WEEKS. Now there's a story... but I digress.

This story sounds hilariously funny and "I wanna read" it but I know I just won't get it it. So if you're looking for something to tickle your funny bone, check it out and let me know about it.

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* MoonPies and Movie Stars is available from Amazon.
* Amy Wallen's official website.


JeSais said...

You can hear a clip of Amy reading from her book at

check it out. she's awesome

Amy Wallen said...

Oh, that SwankyPoet! And swanky she is! The author of MoonPies and Movie Stars here. Tell Swanky Poet thanks for putting out the word on my book. I hope Big Girl Blue's readers (unlike Big Girl Blue!) will check out my book. I promise a laugh or two, maybe even a guffaw. If any of you live in San Diego, I'll be on Good Morning San Diego KUSI Channel 9 Jan 22. Happy Reading everyone!