Thursday, February 22, 2007

Good to Know

I'm home. This is going to sound a bit weird. But I really enjoyed my internal ultrasound appointment this afternoon. How crazy is that?

I had a really good Ultrasound Technician. Really. Ok, I'll try not to use "really" again. Anyway, I learned some very important facts. All women have ovarian cysts, or fluid filled sacs, every month. They range in size between 1-3 cm. Guess what, they burst every month. Hello? That would have been nice information to hear from my doctor.

The Tech, showed me each of my ovaries and the "fluid sacs" on them. Apparently they (as in the techs) don't call them cysts until they are bigger than 3cm. My right one doesn't like to have it's picture taken but she found it. The left one does has a bigger sac on it but she said that could be because it's getting ready to pop... "Look out! She's going to blow!"

I asked her if we can feel them burst and she said there is a disorder where some women can feel the ovaries pop but she couldn't remember the name of it. I'll have to do some more research on this as I think I fall into this category.

She also talked a bit about my endometrium. I have a very thick one (and it has nothing to do with my weight). It's the reason why my menstruation is heavy and painful.

I left my appointment on a high. Now, I know I still have to wait a week until the Technologist reads and compares my results to my last exam but I'm feeling very positive compared to the last two months.


Twiggy said...

u know, that's a very useful piece of information, thanks!