Monday, February 05, 2007

Pampered Puppy

The Pampered Puppy is one of my favourite websites for dog related stuff and their monthly "cutie" contest is tops. This month's newsletter had me laughing my pants off because they introduced "The Marilyn Collection". As in Marilyn Monroe, the screen starlet. Like me, you're probably wondering what Marilyn Monroe has to do with dogs.

For those fans who think they have everything, they can now dress their dog to look like the late Norma Jean. Luxury clothing for your dog has really gone over board in my opinion but to each his own. My dog is quite happy to walk and run around with what the goddess gave her. And please don't take the "but my dog gets cold" crap because these little numbers are all glam and not function. They are fine for a photo shoot but come on.

I'm pretty sure Marilyn was a dog lover but I really wonder what would she think of these. Look at the Marilyn Monroe Collection for Dogs.

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