Thursday, March 29, 2007

Tooth Fairy

I just entered a draw with Crest with hopes of winning $2500 in dental care. It's part of the Teeth for Life campaign. Boy could I use the help.

I'm still whining over my temporary tooth. The big day comes up on Wednesday for the big screw. Hopefully it will feel better than what I have. The gum around this temporary is starting to hurt and I think it's on the verge of falling out again. Still have no idea how we're going to pay for this which is really depressing me. I better leave now.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

A Fat Rant

I totally love this You Tube video by Joy Nash called A Fat Rant. A lot of work and thought went into it. It's humourous with a point and I think she delivers it well. It's 7 minutes long and worth ever minute.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Killer Pastries and All that Jazz

My biggest event this past week was biting into a pastry and having my front tooth break off... right to the gum line. I was a bit stunned. "You've got to be kidding," was the first thought that came to mind.

Needless to say the dentist is my new best friend. I have a temporary thingy (for lack of a better word), filling the gap until a special screw comes in so they can fill and put a crown on it. I'll be paying this off for a while.

It's depressing really. Is it just me or does it always seem that something happens just when you think you're getting ahead? Dear me, I'm whining again.

I've posted a review to the Large and Lovely site for a CD from Kristie Agee and Big Potential: "Are you ready to groove those hips to the blues and jazz melodies of
Kristie Agee and Big Potential? Use What You Got is the debut CD for this
hot momma and poppa but they are not new to the scene. Kristie and Roy
Agee have been delighting eager..." Read review.

Remember a few years back there was a site celebrating the uniqueness of a woman's breasts in all their shapes and forms? Well, there's a new site created by writer/activist/web designer Stacy Bias called Bellies are Beautiful. It rocks. Go check out all the different bellies and be sure to send in your pic of your own.

Have a good week and be wary of those pastries!

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Fat Quote

The "You're too fat" message is marketing, not fact.

~Kaz Cooke, Real Gorgeous

Read Review.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

I Can See the Difference... Can You See the Difference?

As a treat for myself, instead of the usual chocolate, I went and had my eye lashes tinted. It was an interesting experience that took all of 15 minutes.

After I got all comfy on a vibrating recliner the esthetician gave my eyes a wipe to make sure there was no make-up. She put on a coating of Vaseline below my eye lid with a Q-tip and a slip of plastic. Once the dye was put on this slip of plastic was folded over the lashes. My eyes were then covered with two cotton compresses to help me fight the urge to open my eyes. While I waited she massaged some lotion into my hands and forearms. All this for under $20!

I decided to go with black but I think if I ever do it again I'd go with brown. The black has quite a contrast with my light features. I think they look pretty cool though. Now they don't make the lashes longer or thicker, just darker. The pics below really don't do it justice. Damn flash.

This is an old picture I had of my eye with a light dusting of mascara on the upper lashes. Otherwise my lashes are pretty light (as I am a natural blonde).

This is my after picture. Notice since the last picture I've suddenly developed eye droop. What the heck is up with that?

It's especially noticeable on the lower lashes in the pictures. All the lashes are obviously black in real life. I'll try to take another picture in better lighting and post it over the next day or so. If we get any sunlight that is. Another storm is a coming.

Are you surprised I had to point it out to Jeff?

Friday, March 09, 2007

Polyp Anyone?

On Monday I went to the family doc for the results of my second internal ultrasound. Geez Louise could someone get me a new doctor? She scurries into my room with my file opens it up and says, "You have a polyp."

Huh? what? After I asked she said it's like a skin tag in the uterine lining. It could be causing the heavy bleeding and abdominal cramping. I asked where the bloody thing was and she looked at me like I was a dope and repeated "the uterine lining" like it could only be in one spot. I just shook my head.

She then said I should see a Gyno (no kidding, like last year) . She then got up to leave. And I said, "um? my ovaries? you know the purpose for the internal exam?" She opened up the file again. "They're normal." Then left.

Is it me or am I the only one who thinks she has the stupidest doctor in the world? The receptionist said I'd receive a call from the Gyno office within the next month to set up an appointment.

So much for feeling better. No wonder why people avoid doctors.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Still Procrastinating - Another Meme

As you can tell, I'm still procrastinating.

1. If you could build a house anywhere, where would it be? On my private island.

2.What is your favorite article of clothing? Sweats.

3. Last C.D. you bought? Jewel. Goodbye Alice in Wonderland.

4. Where is your favorite place to be? In front of the tv.

5. Least favorite place to be? In a spider pit.

6. Are you strongest in mind or body? Neither. Pretty weak in both areas.

7. What time do you wake up? When my body says get out. Could be anywhere between 8 a.m. and 10:30 a.m. depending on the night before.

8. Favorite kitchen appliance? Dishwasher.

9. What instrument would you like to play? Cello.

10. Favorite color? Blue.

11. Sports car of SUV? How about an environmentally friendly Toyota hybrid?

12. Favorite children’s book? Ferdinand.

13. Favorite season? Fall.

14. Least favorite chore? Changing the kitty litter. Sorry, Suze!

15. Favorite day? It's always been Friday.

16. Favorite food? French fries and gravy from the Bamboo Gardens. Too bad it's closed.

17. Favorite drink? Ice cold skim milk. Ice cold chocolate 1% milk comes in second.

18. Favorite word? C**T. And it ain't coot.

19. Favorite inspirational book? The Celestine Prophecy.

20. Who would you like to play you in the movie of you life? Charlize Theron.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

The Yoga Squad

I didn't go looking for it but I found it and I laughed my ass off.

Yoga Action Squad - PSA #2

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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Settled in Office Space

Slowly, certainly and most surely (I'm in an suffix mood) I've been taking over the dining room. As of yesterday it is definite. The dining room no longer exists. We only used it once a year anyway.

When we first moved into our house, ten years ago, I shared office space with Jeff in a small room next to the garage. At one point I had one of the spare rooms set up as an office but it never felt right being up there. Now it's a sewing room catch all.

After I broke my back, I had a temporary office set up in the living room. A desk someone was getting rid was added to a corner of the living room. And somehow it ended of in the dining room. We have a collapsible dining room table which now is in the corner behind me, and holds more work related stuff as well as the dog's dry food container. We moved the chairs to the basement for space.

After we moved the furniture back from having the floors repaired the desk found it's current location but the last few weeks I've felt out of sorts with my stuff down stairs in Jeff's office, upstairs, on the TV table by my chair, on the buffet etc. so I went in search of book shelves. After an exhaustive search (because I'm a cheapo) I finally found some (more later).

So here's the first image of my office. To my right is a lovely window and view of the cedar trees in the back yard. To my left is the living room window and fish tank. I've labelled some other features, not necessarily interesting but I felt worth mentioning.

A - This is an animal skin (can't remember which animal, not deer) drum I made with my two little hands about 4 years ago. I made it with a group of women who I was attending a drumming circle with. It's one of my favourite items. I love the sound it makes. It's great for releasing tension.

B - My inspirational bulletin board which pretty much looks the same as it did 6 years ago.

C - A very tiny origami purple crane from the owner of BellaOnline.

D - The bookshelves, cases, whatever you want to call them. I purchased them from Staples at a most excellent price. $99.00 plus tax for both. They are solid birch. You know how hard it is to find solid wood shelves under $100? Trust me it was hard and really a fluke that I found them. They are Mission design, which I love. Now if only I could find a Mission sofa table at such a good price.

E - Picture of Jeff in Niagara Falls.

F - The shelf Jeff made for my bulletin board (I'm spoiled).

G - The jalopy printer Jeff replaced in his office which suddenly works great on my desk. I'm not complaining. No more running down stairs to print something!

H - The shawl I made to keep me warm at my desk.

I - The miniature stuffed kitty that reminds me of Poohbear (see bulletin board).

J - My thought box / container for when I want to journal but can't think of anything to journal about.

K - Already have overflow that needed a place to go. Hopefully this doesn't get any bigger but who am I kidding. If there's a horizontal space I can fill it.

L - My manuscripts in progress.

M - My writing books. Most importantly Writers Market.

There you have it, my new office space. I feel settled.