Wednesday, March 14, 2007

I Can See the Difference... Can You See the Difference?

As a treat for myself, instead of the usual chocolate, I went and had my eye lashes tinted. It was an interesting experience that took all of 15 minutes.

After I got all comfy on a vibrating recliner the esthetician gave my eyes a wipe to make sure there was no make-up. She put on a coating of Vaseline below my eye lid with a Q-tip and a slip of plastic. Once the dye was put on this slip of plastic was folded over the lashes. My eyes were then covered with two cotton compresses to help me fight the urge to open my eyes. While I waited she massaged some lotion into my hands and forearms. All this for under $20!

I decided to go with black but I think if I ever do it again I'd go with brown. The black has quite a contrast with my light features. I think they look pretty cool though. Now they don't make the lashes longer or thicker, just darker. The pics below really don't do it justice. Damn flash.

This is an old picture I had of my eye with a light dusting of mascara on the upper lashes. Otherwise my lashes are pretty light (as I am a natural blonde).

This is my after picture. Notice since the last picture I've suddenly developed eye droop. What the heck is up with that?

It's especially noticeable on the lower lashes in the pictures. All the lashes are obviously black in real life. I'll try to take another picture in better lighting and post it over the next day or so. If we get any sunlight that is. Another storm is a coming.

Are you surprised I had to point it out to Jeff?


HomeSchooling Ologist said...

It looks really good!