Friday, March 09, 2007

Polyp Anyone?

On Monday I went to the family doc for the results of my second internal ultrasound. Geez Louise could someone get me a new doctor? She scurries into my room with my file opens it up and says, "You have a polyp."

Huh? what? After I asked she said it's like a skin tag in the uterine lining. It could be causing the heavy bleeding and abdominal cramping. I asked where the bloody thing was and she looked at me like I was a dope and repeated "the uterine lining" like it could only be in one spot. I just shook my head.

She then said I should see a Gyno (no kidding, like last year) . She then got up to leave. And I said, "um? my ovaries? you know the purpose for the internal exam?" She opened up the file again. "They're normal." Then left.

Is it me or am I the only one who thinks she has the stupidest doctor in the world? The receptionist said I'd receive a call from the Gyno office within the next month to set up an appointment.

So much for feeling better. No wonder why people avoid doctors.