Thursday, April 05, 2007

30 Wanna Movie Hottie: 9

I watched a delightful movie last night that spurred (latest word of choice) today's Wanna Movie Hottie. Alice Adams is a 1935 movie starring the late great Katherine Hepburn and Fred MacMurray.

MacMurray was just darling as was this film about a middle class girl trying to fit into an upper class society. Of course, she falls in love with a rich man who is totally smitten with her from the moment he sees her across a crowded room. Throughout the movie Alice tries to hide her embarrassment over her family and their inappropriate etiquette and lack of funds.

Fred MacMurray was all charm and smiles as the smitten rich boy looking for true love. His tall dark and handsome features definitely put him into the Wanna Movie Hottie category.

He was born in Kankakee, Illinois in 1908 and yes, passed away in 1991. He made over 80 films in his career; The Shaggy Dog was the only one familiar to me, and numerous television appearances. If you're old enough you might remember MacMurray as the all-American-dad from the My Three Sons series. Alice Adams was filmed early in his career.

I'm definitely going to keep an eye out for more Fred MacMurray films in reruns.

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