Thursday, April 19, 2007

Sink Your Teeth into Luvees

Ok, maybe not your teeth but your thighs will appreciate you. Check out my latest product review on the thigh protectors by the name of Luvees.

As for the teeth portion. I have the crowns and my mouth is finally settling down and starting to feel normal or at least not as foreign. I'm not ready to show you yet. I'm still self conscious. Maybe next week.

It is finally spring here. I have crocuses blooming in the front and my daffodils are a couple inches high. There's some tulips doing well in the back yard if I can keep the dog from digging them up.

Shelby got a blast from Jeff the other day (which doesn't happen very often). We have a downspout partially buried under the ground and the water was pooling at the exit. She loves to dig (she has her own wading pool for this purpose) in water so she took it upon herself to have a digging frenzy. Jeff caught her and blasted her. You should have seen the look on her face. She was covered in mud up to her armpits and all along her underside and this sullen but partially excited look on her face.

Jeff was fuming. He was tired from work and now had to hook up the hose and spray off the dog enough to bring her inside and throw her in the tub. I wish I had taken a picture of her. On one side you're so pissed off and on the other you're fighting not to laugh your ass off. She spent most of the next day inside because we didn't trust her to be out by herself. She seems to have recovered from her lapse in judgment and is basking in the spring sunshine... I better check to make sure.