Monday, May 07, 2007

I Wanna Read... Knots

Nuruddin Farah, is a Somalian novelist (and most recently a peace negotiator) who writes about the degradation of the women of his country through fiction. He has nine novels published which have made him a critically acclaimed author but have also made him a target of abuse.

I recently watched an interview on The Hour with him and he is an extremely friendly and interesting man. His latest book is titled Knots and is set in Mogadiscio, Somalia. It is the story of a Somalian woman raised in Canada who returns to her homeland, which is overpowered by men, to claim her roots.

Nuruddin's novels are known for their strong feminine characters which is what attracts me to this novel. Novels that tell a story but also raise awareness always interest me. Nuruddin says good things and bad things are happening in Somalia and the only way to hear the good things is to avoid the journalistic view and communicate with the women. He has a strong viewpoint about the women of Somalia ("Without women Somalia would not continue to exist."), equal rights and peace.

Knots is high on my "I Wanna Read" list. If you've read it, let us know.

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