Saturday, August 11, 2007


Yesterday I went to the bulk food store to get some ingredients to make baklava (another story). I love the bulk food store because I always feel like I can spend a little and leave with a lot. I also love it because it has a magnificent array of tasty treats.

When I was finishing the last aisle I saw a sign that said "NEW!" so I went over for a looksee. They had various candies that I don't remember and "Turkish Delight". Now, in the past they've carried Big Turk which basically is red turkish delight covered in chocolate. This is how I thought all turkish delight was made until I saw the movie, The Chronicles of Narnia and witnessed Edward's insatiable addiction to the powdered covered red turkish delight.

This new bin contained what appeared to be the exact thing from Narnia (ok, not exactly, but pretty close for a bulk food store) so I scooped up a handful to try later on. Well, curl my toes. I love it! Jeff was "eh, I can take it or leave it". Me, I'm contemplating when I can go out and get some more (yes it's all gone). It was so fresh, powdery and not too sweet. I actually didn't get much because I was expecting it to be too sweet. But it wasn't. It was perfect.

I believe this is a common British treat so I can only imagine how divine it would be fresh from a retailer there. I could attempt to make my own but after today's adventure making baklava it ain't going to happen. More after the taste test!

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