Saturday, August 25, 2007

Fave Photo: Little Suzie

Jeff came a across some old floppy discs from when I use to get film developed in the mail from Seattle Film Works. Along with the pictures they would include a free floppy so you could look at your pictures on the computer. Jeff was able to convert them so I could look at them on my computer (no floppy). Here's a picture of my little princess before she grew into her head.

Isn't she gorgeous? I can't help but smile at her for being so tolerant of me when I take her picture. Little did she know this would be a regular occurrence in her life. At least now we have video and she doesn't have to worry about a nasty flash.

The unfortunate thing about this photo is that the colors are washed out. I don't remember SFW being too great with colors. Suzie has a magnificent pair of green eyes which don't show up well in this photo but she's so darn cute I thought I'd share anyway.

An interesting side note: even though she and Shelby are a different species (?). Shelby being a dog and all. They look alike texturally. They both have dark stripes with a white mush and a beige undercoat. They also both have similar horn markings on their forehead. Hmm... Is this anything like having to have both vehicles the same color? Unconscious of course.