Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Friends at Last

I watched a great movie last night called Friends at Last starring Kathleen Turner and Colm Feore (Bon Cop, Good Cop). It has to be one of Kathleen Turner's best films. It's a made for tv film otherwise I would have provided a link at the bottom for Amazon.

Kathleen and Colm play Fanny and Phillip Connelyn. Fanny is a homemaker to the ninth degree taking care of their child, their home and providing inspiration to her husband. Phillip is a writer with growing notoriety. The more popular he becomes the more embarrassed and withdrawn he becomes from Fanny. Their relationship becomes down right volatile (not War of the Roses) and they eventually separate and Fanny attempts to make it on her own; after a long row of depression and self-pity.

Things between her and Phillip remain caustic until about twelve years later when their daughter invites each of them to dinner to celebrate her graduation. They both handle the dinner well despist the addition of Phillip's new rich wife. At this point Phillip's career is waining and his writing has dried up. The dinner went so well that Phillip calls Fanny the Sunday after and they have lunch and a walk like they did in the old days. The Sunday walk becomes a weekly event that they both look forward to. Their new friendship is interrupted when Fanny finds a large lump in her breast.

I've never been a big fan of Kathleen Turner but I enjoyed her in this film and thought she was excellent. Colm Feore is always excellent and I got to see a very young side of him (this film was made in 1995). If you see it in your tv guide be sure to mark it for watching.