Friday, August 24, 2007

A Painful Life for a Food Goddess

Imagine at the age of 25 losing your mother to liver cancer. Then a short time later losing your sister to breast cancer. Imagine still, you are happily married and find out your husband and the father of your two children is going to die from throat cancer. What kind of person lives through these kinds of losses with any measure of dignity? Nigella Lawson, that's who.

I just finished reading the biography of Nigella Lawson by Gilly Smith. In this neck of the woods London born Nigella Lawson is not known for her tragic life. She's known as the Domestic Goddess and Queen of Food-porn in the television Nigella Bites as well as an array of cooking books.

I was looking forward to this glimpse into Nigella's life but was disappointed by the author's interpretation through columns, articles, interviews (none of which she did), cookbooks and videos. I did learn a lot about Nigella. But I think Nigella, a journalist in her own right, could have done a better job.

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