Friday, September 21, 2007

Resident Evil: Extinction

This is the third installment to the Resident Evil Trilogy which is an action packed visual effects feast for the eyes. It is years later and the virus has ravished the whole planet affecting flora and fauna, as well as killing off millions of humans. Those who are healthy keep moving and usually keep to the roads unless they need food or gasoline.

The Umbrella Corporation still exists with different factions in major countries. They are all working together to produce a cure. Unfortunately that involves cloning and disposing of many likenesses of Alice. The evil scientist, Dr. Isaacs, from Apocalypse is still around in Extinction and he's obsessed and awed with Alice and bit on the crazy side.

I jumped a lot thanks to a lot of well placed sound effects and scary decaying zombies. My only complaint was all the landscape panning. I had to look away often because it was making me nauseous.

It was nice to see Oded Fehr again as Carlos Olivera and Ali Larter, from the television hit Heroes, was a welcome addition as the leader of a band of survivors. The film didn't really answer any questions this go around. It was more about surviving the virus and zombies, finding a cure and exacting revenge. And of course Milla Jovovich kicks a lot of zombie butt in the form of man, dog and bird.

In my opinion, although it's been said there will only be three films, they left it open for the possibility of more. Overall, I loved it and am looking forward to seeing it on DVD.

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