Sunday, October 21, 2007

Dishwasher Mania

Jeff and I went shopping for a dishwasher today. When we go shopping for major purchases you can really see our different personalities. Jeff is good cop and I am bad cop. This isn't an act though. I hate shopping for big purchases and having to play the "game". Just give me the best fringing price up front with no hassles and I'll love you forever.

The plan today was to look, collect information and then return home to research what was available. This isn't my plan of attack. This is how Jeff handles shopping for anything more than $100. It is probably a good way to go but I get so tired. I just want to pick the one with the best price and features at the time, pay for it, load it up and go home and use it. I lose interest quickly if the shopping experience is dragged on over days or weeks.

So today, being bad cop, I was telling everyone who was telling us "sale ends today it'll be $200 more tomorrow", that we were not, in no uncertain terms, buying today. Then we ended up at Sears and walked out with a $600 bill. I still can't believe it. I'm not disappointed though. The one in the pic is the one we ordered. It was on sale for $549. We didn't have to pay provincial sales tax because it is an energy saver and they had a GST rebate weekend on. With the money we save we bought an extended service warranty to have it tuned up once a year for the next three years. This cost as well as any parts or other service will be covered. Normally we don't buy into these but we use our dishwasher a lot.

They've sold so many of them ours won't be in until November 7, which is fine since Jeff doesn't really have the time right now to hook it up and me, well I'm useless in that regard. I can't even keep my Phillips and Robertsons straight. I need a nap...

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