Sunday, November 04, 2007

Finding Passion in the Fruit

I like to try new things. Especially when it comes to food. This weekend I decided to try two new kinds of fruit (for me) because they were listed as being on sale in the grocery flier.

The first is Passion Fruit. It's a tiny fruit about the size of a kiwi, maybe a little smaller. When I tried to cut it open I was amazed how thin but tough the outer layer was. I had to try two different knives to finally get into it. Once I pried it opened I found what looked to me, to be fish eggs. Needless to say, this was a turn off. I picked up my little dessert spoon and began lifting out some of the innards. They were slippery like egg whites and hard to get out but I finally got a spoonful. I looked at. I looked away. I looked at it again. I took a deep breath and let it out. I shoved the spoon in my mouth and swallowed. It was pretty good. Sweet. Interesting. Sweet. I would probably have another one. But probably only as an occasional treat. It was 99 cents for the little guy.

The next day was Granadilla. A teardrop shaped fruit that was an interesting burnt yellow colour with a one inch stem on top. This too had a tough thin outer layer. But it was the size of a small pear. Once I cut in I could see a thicker white layer next to the outer latyer that reminded me of the between layer of an orange. The white stuff. The center, looked exactly like the passion fruit except the seeds were bigger. I had to go about the taste test the same way because it just looked like bigger fish eggs. It tasted good too. Almost the same as the passion fruit but sweeter. I would eat another one. This one was $1.50.

I totally recommend trying them both at least once.