Friday, March 21, 2008

Flaming Jane Goes Up

I've had this print of Frederick Leighton's painting Flaming June from for months. It's been sitting in it's cardboard sleeve ever since it was delivered. Occasionally I would take it out and admire it then slip it back in. This week I finally got off the pot and went to Micheal's to find a frame for the bloody thing.

Micheal's had it's usual 40% off frames so I packed up the car with the print and another item I wanted to framed (a piece of the original wallpaper from the kitchen - before we ripped it out and painted the walls - that I've been saving forever). After 45 minutes of looking at the same frames over and over I limited them down to four that I thought would look or were appropriate for this period painting (1895). A cleark happened to be going by and I asked her opinion.

I held up the photo to each of the frames and she picked one up and said she liked it the best. She offered to put the print in the frame so I could get a better view. Well, snapping arseholes, didn't it look like it was made for it!

It's now hanging in my pseudo office/retired diningroom and I've probably looked at 50 times with adoration since I've hung it. It's perfect. I love it. I know that's wrong but I just don't care. The wall is actually a dark taupe and the hues in the frame match the hues in the dark wood of the buffet as well as the copper frame on the next wall. You can click on image for larger view of my masterpiece.

Oh, yeah, and here's the other one. It's ok, but doesn't create the same warm glow. It's hanging by the door in the kitchen (yes, my walls are really that color - I don't have an ounce of Martha).

Overall, the frames cost more than the contents (Flaming June was like $5) but they were a good deal. I probably could have waited a week and used one of their 50% off coupons but by then I wouldn't have had the inititavie and would have missed out on all this adoration.

If you want to buy me a humongous version of Flaming June I would gladly accept. Have a great weekend!

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kellycoxsemple said...

I had this print hanging on my walls for years. I've always thought that she looked so tranquil. And I want to vacation in that villa with the walls open to the sea air.