Saturday, April 26, 2008

Let the Gardening Begin

The beds are pretty much set, the yard is almost raked. I still have to do a bit of weeding and reshaping of the beds but everything looks clean. Today, Jeff and I are going shopping! Yes, I'm more thrilled than he is. He's my second opinion and my grunt.

We're going to Connon to get a bush to replace the spot where I dug out the euonymus last fall. It caught some kind of euonymus disease and dropped it's leaves (after ten years) and had to go. Ever since the dog has taken it upon herself to dig to Mongolia every chance she gets. A few weeks ago Jeff had to put a little fence up to keep her out. Now she just lies next to it looking longingly.

While I'm out I'm hoping to get some herbs for my first herb garden, a rose retainer, a vine holder and maybe a lawn ornament to replace the one I left out side over winter that disintegrated (bad me). In reality, since I'm taking my "second opinion" I'll probably only end up with the bush.

Spring is under way, and I'm officially gardening... the good stuff anyway. At least for another month until the humidity skyrockets and I end up hibernating again.