Tuesday, April 15, 2008

New Hair Deux

Today, Jeff shaved the hair he's been growing for the last two years during a school assembly. The kids purchased tickets to do the dirty deed. They were quite gung ho about it. He said he'd shave the moustache if they raised $1000. They raised $1300 so the moustache went bye-bye. I'm just glad to have the air gone. I'm so not into the Fabio look. I just finished cleaning up their handy work. I'll post some footage when I figure out how. I'll need the tech boy to get them off the camera first.

When I left the school I got the urge to get my hairs cut too. Actually, I've been thinking about it for a while but haven't had the time. So I went over to First Choice because I had to got to Future Shop to get the Firefly series (Serenity ROCK! Browncoat forever!). Here are the results. It still needs some work. I haven't had bangs in a long time so I'll have to retrain the natural part away. This is my good side:

I want to keep growing it out but eventually get deeper points in the front and into a "v" in the back. (I tried to adjust the color of these pictures because the wall behind me is taupe, not green but it had no effect other than making less lime looking.)


Keris said...

Hey, it looks great! Love the glasses too. :)