Sunday, May 18, 2008

America's Next Top Model Goes Plus

Finally! And sort of. This past week Whitney Thompson won America's Next Top Model (ANTM). I say "sort of" because Tyra made a point of saying at the end of the show that Whitney is Full-figured, not plus size. I believe she is the 6th curvy chic to attempt ANTM but the first to make it to the top. There are lots of rumours about whether it was a fair decision or whether it was a pushed decision. The latest rumour even goes so far to say that she was approached on a plane and asked to put on some weight to compete.

I have mixed feelings about it. I'm glad that a full-figure model is finally in the top position and I think Whitney is beautiful. Where do I conflict? I didn't think she was necessarily the best choice to win. For the most part I was enamoured with Claire. After she was demoted Anya began to grow on me personality-wise and from the get-go she produced amazing photos as well as winning a number of photo challenges. I think in terms of talent Anya probably should have won.
When you compare Whitney to the previous plus size models who have been on the show I don't think she is the strongest. But I guess everyone can make comparisons on whether it was a good choice or a bad choice. I wasn't a judge so I really don't know what went on in the judging room other than the clips they show on the tube.

Regardless, I'll try to be supportive of Whitney because, the curvy chics have to stick together when possible and I do think she'll be a good role model. I look forward to seeing her Seventeen magazine spread in July.

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Anonymous said...

I actually found Whitney FAR more gorgeous than any previous contestnant on the show. Most of the past plus-size models were really unattractive (and I'm saying this as a fan of plus-size models), whereas Whitney is gorgeous. There are many pictures of her far better than this paint shot.

Also, Anya's supposed talent was mostly due to the judges pushing her all the time, but I didn't see anything special about her work. So she creates "angles" -- so what? Whitney creates CURVES -- and those are much more attractive. Mostly when talking about Anya they kept going on about the fact that she "looks like a model" (which means, skinny). To me, that's ugly.

Also, Anya had a grotesquely huge nose, and unless you like that sort of thing, it's a major distraction.

Claire was just plain weird-looking.

Whitney is sexy, glamorous, and the best choice the show could ever have made for a plus-size winner.