Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Happy Anniversary to Me

Jeff and I celebrated our 13th wedding anniversary yesterday. This is how you know you have been together a long time:

Some time during the night while we were scrabbling for control of the sheets we said "Happy Anniversary". He spent the day working on a shelf for the living room above the tv. I designed it specifically to hold flowers (we get them all the time for whatever occasion from his family) because we have no vacant horizontal surface for them other than on the counter or stove in the kitchen; which not only looks bad, but is annoying to have to keep moving around. I wanted a spot where I could actually enjoy them.

After that he ended up taking a bunch of cedar waste the neighbour chopped down to the waste dump -- he's such a good neighbour. I worked on a few articles, rested my eyes, did the grocery shopping, fed the critters and did some laundry.

We had supper at the Keg in Trenton which is about a 30 minute drive from here, just to be different. I had Shrimp Linguini Alfredo and he had Basalmic Chicken, we drank alcohol free ice tea and shared a ceasar salad. The meals were really good and we would probably have them again.

Then the piece de resistance for the day... we went window shopping for a new vehicle while we digested our food. So go ahead! Live vicariously through us.