Saturday, September 06, 2008

School's In!

Jeff survived the first week of school and I survived the first week of him being at school. We went shopping today (I know! I got him out on a Saturday. I even dragged him to the mall for a matcha drink.) and we bought seven more neons to replaced all but three that died. They are so tiny. We also bought two blue Gouramis fish. Beautiful!

They all seemed to be settling in with the three neons, four black tetras and two otocynclus. I haven't been able to take my eyes off the tank for more than a few minutes. Hench my current stated of "holy shit".

One of the neons has been anti-social off in a corner by itself eating algae off the glass since we brought him home. All of a sudden one of my favorite black tetras starts nipping at it's tale. I of course was yelling through the glass "bad tetra" and "stop that". But instead of stopping he sucks the poor neon's head into his mouth. It's little tail wiggling for dear life. The funny thing about this is that I've been complaining to Jeff that he's been putting in too big of flakes for their little mouths. Apparently not.

Anyhow, I'm screaming for Jeff but at this point it's too late (and what's he going to do about it) and the fish really was too big so the black tetra spit him out and it sunk to the bottom. Jeff scooped him out before they could all go carnivore on the remains. It was very traumatic. Obviously more so for the neon than for me but still...

I like it better when I wake up in the morning and there is a fish missing. Sigh...

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Lindsay said...

I've found that neons are kind of like the canaries of the aquarium world. Kind of like a first-warning fish. If your neons are dying, you may want to pick up a water testing kit and see if any of your levels are off. They're much too fussy a fish for me - i've always preferred the much heartier guppies and bettas (not together, obvs).

Moe said...

They totally are Linsay. When we started our first tank we always had problems with them in the beginning when the tank was getting established.

They are also sensitive to transportation. This time we found out too late we had a problem with ick (?sp) but we have treated that. Left it for another week to see how everyone did and things seemed to be going well so we wanted to add more since Neons really like to be in schools of six or more.

We have a couple snails we're keeping an eye on now; hoping they are not hermaphrodites. :)

Maya said...

I'd love to have a fish tank on day, but it seems to be quite elaborate to set one up. I keep your aquarium page bookmarked!