Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween... Arr!

I don't have kids to dress up for Halloween so I dress up "the Husband". Jeff's a teacher and the kids he teaches dress up so it works out for both of us. Besides he has better things to do than figure out a costume. Like Christmas, he would leave it until the night before.

Jeff's costume for this year started this summer, although I didn't know it at the time. I picked up a long stretchy wrap from Ardene's for a dollar ($1). I know! I'm such a bargain hunter. I had no idea what I was going to do with it but it was a good deal. When I was playing with it weeks later I came to the sudden conclusion that it would make a great headband for a pirate. And so it began...

The rest of the costume seemed to fall in place in bits and pieces. The white shirt he is wearing is actually from my closet. A period piece shirt I bought from the Modern Goddess. The pants are his cords, purchased this year as part of his back to school shopping.

The belt is from Value Village and is so cool. It looks like silver medallions strung together and it jiggles when he walks (there is a leaf that looks like a pot leaf embossed on each one but I hoped no one would be looking that close; besides maybe the pirates were into the ganja). It cost $4.99. The sword is also from Value Villiage and cost $4.99. Eye makeup - $1.

The vest and boot tops were made from a pair of pleather pants I bought from Value Village for $9.99. I cut the pants at the knees, cut a another strip above that which I inverted and sewed to the calf section then folded over at the seam. He's wearing his black leather boots to finish off the look. The vest was made from the remaining pleather, stitched at the shoulders with black wool, and tied at the sides with strips left over from the waistband.

He received rave reviews both from his students and from his peers. One student even asked if it was a rental. He proudly exclaimed that "it was custom made". At least that's what he tells me. I am quite impressed with myself though. Here's a closer view of the boots:

Next year... I have no idea.