Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Search Has Ended

After extensive research (on Jeff's part), interviews with owners, numerous test drives and comparisons, we've decided on the Hyundai Santa Fe.

Jeff is tired of paying a lease and the truck is probably on it's last leg so we're biting the bullet and buying it so we'll have a permanent vehicle.

I don't know why I feel weird about it. It's not like it wasn't money that was already going out the window anyway. It is however a heftier monthly payment which concerns me a bit since my income took a nose dive with the exchange this past year. Things are looking up though, hopefully the U.S. dollar will gain some more momentum before year end.

10 Things This Fat Girl Likes About the Hyundai Santa Fe
  1. Tons of leg room
  2. My butt fits in the seat
  3. The seatbelt is super long
  4. The steering wheel tilts up and down
  5. Considering the size it has a huge storage space in the back
  6. A mini light comes on when you open the vanity mirror
  7. The steel gray color (I missed the color of the Mazda we had)
  8. Lots of included options for the price (steering wheel controls, tinted windows, etc)
  9. Air conditioning of course (hello! it's southern Ontario)
  10. It's better on gas than the van we've been driving