Sunday, January 18, 2009

Snickerdoodles are Evil

The other day I followed a blog link through a twitter account and came across a recipe for snickerdoodles. Besides being cute, there was something familiar about the name but I had never baked or eaten them before. The recipe was a simple enough, mostly sugar, butter and cinnamon but it was the blogger's adamant praise (and that fact that she was known to her friends for making them) that made me print it off:
"I started making these when I was pregnant with Ethan as I craved cinnamon sugar so badly! And well, because the name Snickerdoodles is just to fun!"
I made them up last night and I can safely say the little buggers are evil. Evil I tell you! They were super easy to make and really pretty as you can see from the picture. But they are completely addictive. I swear Jeff ate 12 of them before he went to bed. I swear! He couldn't help himself. He's laying off them today a little. Me, yes, of course I over indulged. I definitely won't be making these for a long time but I think if you haven't you should at least do it once. I like to spread the evil around don't you know.


vesta44 said...

Snickerdoodles are definitely teh evil, but so yummy. I don't make them very often because we also tend to over-indulge in them.

NAIZA said...

snickerdoodles! sounds so yummy! I would love to have a bite. :)

Christine Hammar said...

In inland, we have a Cinamon bun called Korvapuusti.
It's equally evil.
When I remember (which might take a while, if not nudged, Maureen) I'll post the recipe here.

Oooooh! Are THEY evil!
Even the smell coming from the oven makes one want to take them out and eat them raw!
And if you're not careful, they'll blow up in the oven becoming so LARGE, you might not get them out!
Now THAT would be a disaster, I tell ya!

Anonymous said...

I found you blog hopscotching. :-)
I am not given to domesticality all that much, but if I do bake or cook something truly delicious, I give most of it away. Survival instinct, or rather I need to fit into the clothes in my closet instinct! & snickerdoodles would be a downfall for me. ~Mary