Saturday, March 28, 2009

Baby Dreams

I'm getting close to the use or lose stage of life but I never thought I would be having baby dreams like this:

I'm pregnant. The baby is sitting really really low in my abdomen and it is quite painful. The doctor is looking, you know, down there. She says she's going to reposition it. Next thing I know she's holding my baby boy. Who to me, someone in the waking world who has assisted in births as a nurse, notices the baby is quite large for a newborn and his eyes are wide open.

The eyes are a big issue for me in this dream. Bright blue and glazed over... unresponsive. I ask the doctor about it and she says it's too early to tell if there are any mental defects. Only time will tell.

I ask if I can hold him and she gives him to me and I wrap him up. She tells me I can have a few hours with him before they stuff him back in my belly so he can finish his term. He hasn't finished the whole nine months thing. For some reason I'm fine with this.

I proceed to go around town showing everyone my baby boy and asking about his eyes. I'm concerned about some kind of mental defect (I'm assuming because I'm over thirty-five).

Now here is the really good part. I go back to the hospital and we're in the usual medical type room with doctors, nurses etc getting ready to perform the procedure of stuffing the baby back into me to finish his term. The baby boy is on a tiny table and they unswaddle him.

Before my dreaming eyes the center of the baby from neck to pelvis splits open and is filled with rows of gigantic razor sharp teeth going deep inside. His body flails once popping him into the air where he bites off the doctors head. He this becomes at least ten times his size (he kind of reminds me of one of those fly catching plants except not a plant and no stalk and totally huge) and begins eating the rest of the hospital staff while I watch from the corner.

At this time I decide it would be prudent to wake up.

What do you think? Stephen King complex? Baby issues? Age issues? Or too many horror movies before I was ten years old?


Keris said...

I don't know what it means, but I'd be scared to go to sleep after a dream like that!

Moe said...

Actually, dreams like this are like the norm. I would write horror books but I'd probably scare myself.