Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Poor Puppy

Here is a picture of our beautiful German Shepherd dog:

Here is the picture of her mouth tumor. Jeff found it simply by accident about a week and half ago when she rolled over to have her belly rubbed. Her mouth was open and he happened to see it. It's a good thing too. At the time it was about the size of my pinky up to the second knuckle.

Within a few days we had her in to the vet to get it looked at and have a biopsy done ($300). Of course we go online as we wait the week out for the results and see all manner of horror stories. Don't worry, we've stopped doing that.

We found out yesterday that it is a fibrous growth. It's not cancerous but it could become invasive to the bone on the roof of the mouth if left unchecked. We'll be talking with the vet again in a few days about going to Toronto to have it removed. Jeff would like to get a second opinion but regardless, common sense tells me it should be removed.

She's an eight year old dog and if it's something that is going to continue to grow and potentially cause bigger problems in the future then I would rather have it done when she's a skippy senior instead of a decrepit senior.


Angela said...

aaaaw poor baby.
at least it's not anything life threatening