Saturday, March 07, 2009

Puppy Update

We just came back from a second opinion vet about Dog's mouth (aka couch potato) and the going consensus is that she'll need surgery to have the tumour removed. It will also involve removing the tooth (possibly teeth) and socket(s) involved.

We were referred to a clinic and oncology surgeon in Ottawa and it will involve a three day layover. The first day will be an exam, the second day the surgery and the third day recovery and follow up. It's going to happen during the March break so it will kind of be like a mini vacation... but not.

They are expecting that it will cost around the $1000 range but are not committing to a total yet until the surgeon has a look.

Jeff and I are still having emotional issues about the whole thing even though we both know that logically it's a good thing that it was found so early. I hate the waiting part.