Saturday, April 04, 2009

New Tenants

With April comes rain. With rain comes tulips. With spring also comes my little garden helpers -- Robins. I love robins. I love their singing, their red breasts, the way they zip across the yard. How they play in the sprinkler when I'm watering. They are just an all around cute bird.

This year they have set up a nest on the sill of my office aka dining room window. I'm almost as glorified as the cat who spent two hours watching the Mrs. build and the Mr. eat. Ok, I probably watched for a good 30 minutes too. I'm pretty sure they knew we were there but she didn't seemed concerned.

It's not what I would call an ideal place to put a nest. Especially once you get some wiggly jiggly babies in it and a good wind. Jeff is trying to think of a way to offer some protection without disturbing the nest and without making it easier for something to climb up and get the eggs.

I'm actually pretty stoked to see baby eggs and eventually hatchlings. I hope things work out for our new tenants.

The picture isn't so great but it gives you an idea of the proximity and actually shows a bird. I also have some excellent video footage but I still don't know how to upload that to the computer so I'll have to wait for tech support.