Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Going Organic

In the spring Jeff was talking to a fellow teacher and the topic of organic veggies came up. He came home with the name and number of a local farm that grows organic veggies and delivers them to your home every two weeks.

There are two things I like about this concept. The most obvious I presume is the food is organic. No pesticides, yada yada. The second is that it helps support local farmers.

I called him up and left a message. Nothing. I didn't bother calling him back going on the assumption he didn't have room for any more clients. Well last week he called. I know, right. I laughed too. I was surprised he still had our number. But I was still interested so we talked a bit about likes and dislikes etc and arranged a date for our first delivery which was Tuesday this week.

The cost works out to $20 a week for fourteen items. They arrived in one of those lidded blue bins you use for storing clothes or whatever (I have a closet full). Anyway, here's a picture of the loot he dropped off:

We were quite happy with what he brought. The watermelon was awesome and we are huge friends of spaghetti squash. I keep smelling the herb mixture because it smells awesome (chocolate mint, dill, rosemary). I think we will be able to eat everything up within the two weeks.

Check out your local farmer's market to see if anyone does it in your area.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Office Reno Pictures

Jeff's office is back in order -- something we both thought would never come. It looks great especially with the furniture moved around. There is so much more room. Here are a few of my favorite pictures from the process.

This is a before picture. It's hard to tell but that is a bright yellow shag carpet that came with the house. We've already started taking stuff out. There were two other book shelves, a table under the window and a desk on the right. No idea what he is doing.

Batgirl broke in while we were out and tried to lend a hand. When we took out the carpet which had more than started to disintegrate we found tiles that we could literally pluck off.

Dog wondering what the heck is going on. She becomes a nervous Nellie whenever we do stuff like this. For some reason she thinks we are leaving and not taking her.

Laying carpet (we literally picked it out in fifteen minutes). It's called pecan. Walls are freshly painted. The color is less yellow but basically the same color but better. We debated about painting the baseboard trim white but decided against it. Translation, neither one of us likes to sand and paint baseboards.

You can't even tell that the outcrop in the wall created by the cold return that Jeff put in wasn't there to begin. He did such a good job. (before)

The cat has her own priorities.

Things are pretty much finished in this picture. We didn't have a light fixture replacement when this photo was taken but it's up now. Jeff is just working at re-organizing his shit... I mean important stuff. The shelf above his computer holds a picture of moi that he took when we were dating -- I was crouched down feeding geese. It's one of my favorites. The fish tank you see in one of the above photos is out of site on the white shelf sticking out on the left. It's the same shelf, Jeff just painted it white. It's amazing what a coat of paint will do. The other two bookshelves are on the right.

Tout fini!