Monday, November 09, 2009

Growing Up

JD, who we now know is a boy is growing like a weed. Not only has he developed boy parts, he's grown big paws, getting tall and is totally full of kitty pee and vinegar. Here are a few more 12s videos of this cute dude.

Moving (ex) Feral cat into House on

JD posing for Cam on

He's gained almost 3 lbs, had his feline leukemia shot as well as his rabies and other necessary vaccinations. Pretty soon he will be going in for surgery to remove the boy parts (we haven't told him yet, shh).


CherylK said...

Oh, he is so CUTE!!! Makes me want a kitty, too. Alas, my lifestyle won't allow it...I travel too much.

Alison Ashley Formento said...

What a face! Kittens always make me smile.
Thanks for sharing this cutie.

Anonymous said...

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Steven said...

He is super cute! You should pick up one of these T's so he can play in it: