Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Why I'm Cranky This Morning

I keep debating whether I should preface with the fact that I am PMS-ing a bit (ok, maybe a lot). If you are familiar with PMS then you'll get why it may or may not be a factor in this story and if you are not well, you'll probably just roll your eyes.

I stayed up to 4 am last night working on the computer. This is not unusual. I often stay up late. I usually recover by sleeping in. If I get a good six hours I'm good for the day.

Here are how things went:

I get all prepared for bed -- wash face, brush teeth, change. Check on cats, dog etc... and everyone is calm and in their place. I crawl into a warm bed and get settled. For some reason all hell breaks loose in the living room and I have to get up and mediate. That out of the way I crawl back into bed and listen to clip clop of dog pacing on the hard wood floors. Senior kitty comes in and settles herself on my upper thighs in a position that enables her to bolt should itty bitty decide to come up on the bed. I put up with it because she isn't eating well (stress of having itty bitty around) and can use the extra attention. As I begin to dose off itty bitty comes on the bed and lies down between Jeff and I. Senior kitty doesn't bolt and I am encouraged that she is getting over it. I can feel itty bitty wiggling himself over to give senior kitty a whack. I put my hand up to block. Senior kitty has a hissy fit anyway and bolts, itty bitty pursues her. Jeff wakes up, barks lightly at the cats and goes back to sleep. I begin to doze off and Jeff's alarm goes off. After he gets up itty bitty plays with underside of bedroom door. I yell at him but eventually have to get up and shoo him away. Jeff comes in and says goodbye before leaving. A few minutes after he's gone I have to get up to settle yet another cat dispute. This time I put senior kitty in spare room with some kitty litter, food and water. I settle back in to bed but have to discipline itty bitty for chewing on cord of plugged in fan in bedroom. Doesn't work. I consider letting itty bitty continue to chew on cord and suffer consequences but decide I would feel guilty about consequences and tell him to stop. He stops, changes position and continues to chew on cord. I literally let out a thundering scream which echos through bedroom and probably out into the streets -- itty bitty stops chewing on cord and runs out of room. I settle. Dog barks at mail man. Yell at dog. I get settled and am finally dozing off... "beep!" I open eyes, "beep!". You've got to be fucking kidding me. "Beep!" The battery needs to be changed in smoke detector. It's after ten and I still haven't had any real sleep. At this point there's no bloody way I'm getting out of the bed for at least another two hours. I bury my head in sheets and pillows and continue to wake up to a "beep!" every fifteen minutes or so.

That is why I am cranky this morning. But it probably has more to do with the PMS than anything. Guess who are all sleeping at the moment. And guess what isn't beeping!