Sunday, March 14, 2010

Less Room in Office

Since I tore my Achilles tendon in December I've been having a rough go trying to do pretty much everything that involves using the foot. It has been two steps forward and five steps back.

I'm under orders not to do anything that will increase the angle and stretch of my tendon and have been walking around in heels. Both are against my nature. That has meant, no walking (other than the basic), no jumping (I can't anyway), going up and down stairs in what amounts to a hobble, and absolutely no yoga (lawn mowing was thrown in there too but that hasn't been high on my list of stuff to do in the winter).

So when I saw the Tempo Fitness (#84-0127-0) recumbent bike on sale for 50% off at Canadian Tire I knew I had to check it out.

When I went to do errands I added Canadian Tire to my list of things to do. I was presently surprised to see that there was one set up in the store and it was even better than I thought. I sat in it and tested it -- comfortable and very quiet. I didn't give any thought to where I was going to put it and asked the manager to bring me one down from storage.

I left it in the back of the vehicle for a day while I decided where I wanted to put it. Then the perfect spot came to me. If I did a little rearranging I could put it in my office a.k.a. dining room; although, it hasn't been a place where people eat for some time. But first I'd have to sell Jeff on the idea.

My major selling point was that I could take a break from the computer anytime during the day and go for a spin. Or I could go for a spin while I was watching tv in the evening. Sold! Actually, it was easier to sell than I thought. It's important to mention that he really didn't think it would fit in the small space I had planned for.

It was a good thing Jeff was around because even though the whole bike didn't feel like it weighed more than 60lbs it was a bit tricky to put together and definitely easier with four hands instead of two.

It's been set up for a few weeks and I have to say I love it. The seat is comfortable and actually fits my ass. It is super quiet. It shocks me how quiet it is, and having it in my office means not having to go into the basement. But what makes it all worth it was that it was 50% off.

I'm not a speed demon and I won't be entering any bike peddling competitions anytime soon (ever) but at least I'm moving again.