Saturday, April 17, 2010

Purina Maxx Scoop Week Two

As I mentioned last week, I was going to put on the hood of the ExquisiCat Cosy Corner litter box but without the trap door. Done!

I also mentioned that I had some concerns about it becoming a trap for Suzie since JD is overly protective of the litter spots. Up until this point Suzie hadn't bothered with the box and it was being exclusively used by JD.

Thirty minutes after putting the lid on the litter box, Suzie was in there digging up a storm and leaving her mark. Jeff and I were both shocked. I made Jeff take the picture. Don't worry, she's only digging.

Both cats have been using it all week intermittently with their regular boxes. I empty the litter box every day and I have to admit it is a bit of a pain to empty. I have to remove the hood, find a horizontal space to put it down, then put it back on when I'm done. I thought for sure the litter would become stronger with the cover on but it is still freshly scented.

The plan is to add the door this week but I really don't think it needs the door and I have concerns about it not being used as much. Time will tell!

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